Kitter LaGore Zombie DOA Photoshoot

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So, I have mixed feelings about this shoot, and I have a confession to make.


I made a HUGE mistake when taking these photos….and a rookie mistake at that.  I shot them all in too small a resolution.  I didn’t realize that I had changed the settings on my camera before this shoot, so everything was shot in 2816 x 1880 pixels.  Seems big, unless you’re trying to submit them to a magazine for publication.  Which we were.  And, of course, got turned down solely due to the fact that I could not provide the “high res” versions of the files (because these were as “high res” as they got; the mag had already said yes to the photos up until that point….).  Why am I telling you all of this?  So that you can learn from my mistake.  I already have–every photoshoot I’ve done since then, I’ve made sure to check the resolution  in my camera before shooting.  I just still can’t believe that it happened.


Oh well.  Lesson learned, opportunity missed.  I can either regret it my whole life, or go on knowing that I will never make that mistake again because I learned from experience.



Despite the fact that I made such a huge faux pas (and you’d think after 5 years of shooting, I would know better by now!!), I am still completely in love with the images that came from this shoot, and I would like to share them with you.

Here goes.









More photos coming soon!
Here’s a little hint – the next one involves a puppy! 🙂



Hectic, CALENDAR!!, and CTRF Biography

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I feel like I start many of my blog posts this way nowadays, but I’ve been super busy lately, haha.  Got a promotion at my “day job” (I am now the Catering Coordinator), so that’s been a month and a half of training, plus the work that goes with the title.

Did a couple of shoots, but not much lately.  Been working with the amazing Kitter LaGore a lot, so that’s been great!

In other news though, one of my photographs is in the 2013 I Can Has Cheezburger calendar!!  I was ecstatic to find this out a few months ago, and finally got a copy of the calendar in the mail about a month ago.
The photo was one I had taken of a pumpkin I carved around Halloween 2008, so the photo is for October.  Mine is the only photo in the entire calendar that didn’t have a caption plastered over it, so I’m pretty proud of that.  🙂
The calendar also gives me full photo credit and includes the web address to this blog!

Here’s a photo I took of the calendar after receiving it in the mail (mine is the one on the top left)

In other news, the Connecticut Renaissance Faire is having their fall faire soon, and I plan on being a part of it again.  It was a blast working with everyone in the spring, and I’ve heard the fall faire is even better.  🙂  I’ll be a bit limited due to the fact that it’s further away from me than the spring faire was, but I’m going to try my best to be there and photograph it.

Speaking of CTRF, if you would like to read my bio from them, it (in all of its ridiculous glory) can be found here:

That’s all for now–more updates once I get another spare minute! haha


Preview of Kitter LaGore’s D.O.A. Zombie Pin-Up Photoshoot!!

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So a couple weeks ago, I did a second photoshoot with my friend Kitter LaGore in an abandoned (but very well-graffitied!) warehouse.

It was zombie pin-up inspired, and turned out so well that Miss LaGore is going to try submitting the photos to magazines  (fingers crossed!).  That being said, I can’t post the final cut of images (many magazines won’t allow it until after the images are published), but I do have a few teaser shots for you to check out.


They give you a good idea of the different locations we were shooting in, and the overall feel of the sets.  🙂




2012 Ideat Village Psychedelic Circus

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As previously mentioned, on June 28th, I attended the Ideat Village Psychedelic Circus at Pitkin Plaza in New Haven.  It was FULL of art, talent….and hippies.  Just my kind of event!  haha

Needless to say, the photo opportunities were endless, even after dark!
Here are a few of my favorite shots, and the rest can be seen on my Facebook page here:

Once I sort through the photos I’ve taken at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire (of which there are a TON, and I’ve gotten a bit tired of looking through them….so I’m taking a break, haha), I’ll post my favorites here as well.

Last week, I also did a photoshoot with my friend Kitter LaGore , and I’m going to be doing another one with her either this week or next.  Expect to see some awesome shots from those shoots as well!  🙂





Oh Blog, How I’ve Neglected You….

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Holy crap, I’m still alive!!


Yeeeahhhh.  I’ve been much busier than I thought I would be, heh.  Been going absolutely insane editing and uploading all of the photos from the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, been getting ready for ConnectiCon (July 13-15), had a few face painting gigs, been working a lot, and last week I went on vacation (to a lake house), went to a wedding, and went to my great-grandfather’s 100th birthday party.


Life has been absolutely insane, so I apologize for not updating sooner.  I JUST NOW finished uploading the last of the CTRF photos to the CTRF Photographer’s Facebook page, so that’s out of the way.  I’m extremely pleased with how they turned out.  🙂



Oh!  Almost forgot!  Last night, I also went to the Ideat Village.  Basically, New Haven hosts the International Festival of Arts and Ideas every year, but people weren’t happy with how commercialized and mundane it has become.  From this unhappiness was born the Ideat Village, which occurs about a block from the IFAI, and showcases bellydancers, stilt walkers, hula hoopers, BMX stunts, a fire show, and more.  This was the first year I had ever even heard of it, and I had a blast.



Expect to see photos from both the Connecticut Renaissance Faire and the Ideat Village in the next couple of weeks!! 🙂




May Synopsis…

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As you might have guessed by previous posts, the month of May was absolutely insane for me.  Every weekend (at least one weekend day, at least) I was photographing the Connecticut Renaissance Faire‘s Robinhood Sprintime Festival.  It was the most AMAZING experience.  I made a ton of new friends (who are some of the most talented people I’ve ever met), networked a TON, and overall just had a blast.

On the days that I wasn’t working (at the sub shop, which is my “day job”) or at CTRF, I was face painting.  I’ve been getting so many gigs and it’s been great.  On top of all of this, my brother, my best friend, and my father all celebrate their birthdays in May….oh, and let’s not forget Mother’s Day.  Haha

In the next few months coming, I’m going to be attending Connecticon, I have at least 4 more face painting gigs booked, but not too many photography opportunities.  Although, that might change, considering I have an entirely new network in which to make that happen.  Photographing the CTRF was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, to be honest (probably second only to my decision to move to Connecticut).

Photos from the Faire will be up here within the next month or two.  Time frame is so long due to the fact that I have at least 5,000 (not exaggerating) photos to sort through, edit, and upload to the CTRF Photography Facebook page first–oh, and if you’re wondering, I am now one of four administrators on that page!  If you want to see the photos I’ve taken before I post them here (and many more there than there are here), click on the link above, or click here:  CTRF Photographers




That’s about it for now.
Wish me luck with editing, hah!




Please Pledge $1 for My High School English Teacher’s KickStarter Project!!

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If you read my blog.
If you like my blog.
If you know me.
If you like me.

My high school English teacher wrote and recently published a novel.  He has been a major influence on my life, and is someone for whom I have a great deal of respect.  Right now, he has a KickStarter project that I find absolutely amazing.  He wants to turn his novel into a graphic novel….but with photographs!  I’m super psyched about this, and would love to see it happen.


I, probably like you guys, don’t have a whole lot of money to spare, but I still pledged $5 because this idea is awesome.  You can pledge as little as $1.00, just by clicking here:


I did it.
Now it’s your turn!  😀






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