Introductions are in order….

For Starters

Well, it’s a little strange to say (especially coming from me), but I’m writing this as I wait for my BDI (Basic Driver Improvement) online class to time out.  Why am I taking a BDI, you might ask?  A few weeks ago,  I was unlucky enough to receive my first traffic ticket.  I made an illegal u-turn.  In my defense, I was coming out of a parking lot and directly into the left-hand turn lane, which gave me about .5 of a second to see the no u-turn sign sticking out of the median, and this particular light did not have one of the signs on the light itself.  Oh, and did I mention that there was a state trooper directly behind me?
And despite the fact that I am generally a pretty tough chick, I fully admit that I bawled my eyes out after the trooper gave me the ticket…although I have to say, when you tell the officer, “I’m so sorry–I didn’t see the sign :/” and she says, “well it’s RIGHT there” as though you’re a complete and total imbecile, it’s pretty difficult NOT to cry.

This blog has absolutely nothing to do with my BDI class or my traffic ticket.  This is a photography blog.

I figured that, considering the fact that I’ve been doing paid photoshoots for around three years now (and been photographing for the majority of my life), I should probably start one of these, and share with you all my adventures in the photography industry.


My name is Renae DuHaime, I am 21 years old, and I’m a photographer.  I currently reside in Land O Lakes, FL, but will soon be relocating to Milford, CT.  I am a general photographer in my personal preferences, having done everything from still life photography and commercial-style photography to pet portraits and macro photography.  In my professional photography career, I am largely a portrait and wedding photographer.  I have done pet portraits, weddings, couple photography, and worked with a variety of different models in my area.

Things you can expect

Obviously, I’m not your conventional writer.  In general, I’m an open book, and I like to write (being in AP English in high school for two years will drill that into you).  In short, this isn’t going to be a simple blog filled with pictures–it is going to be sort of my documentary (or professional autobiography, if you will).

I’m going to take you through all of the shoots I go on, which, at the moment, may not be too many.  One reason being that the economy has definitely affected the things that people choose to spend their money on (and photography is not generally seen as a necessary expense), and another reason being that photography is not yet my full-time job.  Currently, I am living with my mother and stepfather, and working part-time as a face painter and henna artist at Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL.  I don’t own my own car, and due to the fact that Busch Gardens doesn’t give me enough hours to allow me to purchase one (much less live on my own), and partially due to the fact that my stepfather wants nothing to do with me (long, drawn-out story that I won’t bore you with), in about two to three weeks, I will be moving to Milford, CT.  Why?  In short, the majority of my family (including my father and grandmother, whom I will be living with at first) lives up there, and there are better opportunities for me to find a job, get a car, find a place to live, and go back to school.

The point of all of that was basically just to say that my life is extremely busy right now, so photoshoots may be scarce at first.  I do, however, have a wedding coming up this Sunday (yes, 10/10/10), which is most of the reason for beginning this blog at this particular point in time.

One more important bit of information that you should all know is that yes, all of my images appearing on this photo blog will have a watermarked copyright over them. I have had images stolen before, and have heard enough horror stories from friends to know that this is the safest way to show my images.  I will not remove a watermark under any circumstances, and if I receive any comments like “that image would look WONDERFUL…if only it didn’t have a watermark on it”, they will be ignored (and if they are more harsh than this, you can rest assured that they will be deleted).  My policy is as follows – if you can’t see past the watermark, your way of thinking is too shallow. 🙂


Overall, I want this to be a fun, entertaining, and inspiring blog to all who read it.  I don’t care much about pageviews, although I would like it if at least one or two people read this! 🙂  If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or otherwise, you can leave me a comment here.  If it is something you would like to keep private, comment, and I’ll forward you my email address.

With that, I leave you with one of my most favorite (and well-received) images to date–a photo of a cat I used to own (I unfortunately could not keep him, but he has found another loving home), Rio (image at top of page), and the story behind the picture.

I was trying very hard to get a good picture of him, however, he would NOT hold still, and was extremely interested in the camera (shoving his nose so close to the lens that it was impossible to get him in focus).  I finally discovered that if I snapped my fingers, he would look wherever I snapped.  Keeping this in mind, I held my fingers up in the air, snapped them, and Rio looked up–I took the picture (if you look closely enough, you can even see my hand in the reflection of Rio’s eyes), and was overjoyed with how it turned out.  The blue in the background is actually a blue sheet on top of an air mattress in the background (we had someone visiting at the time), which, luckily, wound up looking like a lovely blue backdrop.  I tried to get several more shots of him, but every picture after that was blurry–Rio got bored with my snapping fingers and decided not to sit still any longer.  This was the only good shot out of the set, and I’ve always been extremely pleased that I was able to capture it.



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5 Responses to “Introductions are in order….”

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! I just started a couple of weeks ago. That’s a lovely picture of your cat-can’t wait to see some more! 🙂

  2. It’s a great shot! Thanks for all the information! Good Luck with the wedding. Looking forward to future posts.

    • Thank you so much! Wow…I’m surprised to be receiving comments so quickly–I’ve had a few other (failed) WordPress blogs before, and never gotten a comment within the first hour! lol

  3. That eye. Wow.

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