Wedding yesterday, Lightsphere today…

Wedding was yesterday, and it went pretty well.  I haven’t even put the pictures on my computer yet (SO tired!), but will probably begin editing them tonight, and will definitely have them finished by the end of the week so you all can see some of them.  🙂


The only problem I had yesterday was the church.  It was the sixth wedding I’ve ever done, but the first one where I didn’t know what the church was going to be like (the wedding was about an hour and 15 minutes away from where I live, I don’t have a car right now, and nobody warned me what the church would be like).  Unfortunately, it wound up being a very tall, large church–high ceilings and low light…definitely a challenge.
A lot of the ceremony pictures have strange lighting in them because of that.  Some of them, I had to use practically direct flash with, so they have some harsh shadows (very few of them are like that, though), and some of them are orange or yellow.  Hopefully I can fix that in editing, but it wasn’t exactly easy to continue shooting when I saw how they were turning out  >__O


Because of that though, and because I got paid for the wedding last night (the bride is my mom’s best friend, so she knows she can trust me), I bought a Gary Fong Lightsphere II.  It’s not one of the new collapsible ones, but I don’t mind, because I found it on eBay for about $40 (and it came with a camera cleaning kit, a microfiber lens wipe, LCD screen covers, and 50 prints through the company’s website! :D).  I worked with a photographer on two different weddings, and he had one.  His pictures turn out great, and from what he told me (and from what I saw through researching it online), it’s supposed to help GREATLY with exactly the problem I was having yesterday.



And again, I’m pretty confident that I’ll be able to edit the pictures and they’ll turn out fine, but I would like for that problem not to happen again.



If you have any other suggestions for how I can fix that problem,  comments/reviews/etc. for the Lightsphere, any questions, or other comments, feel free to write them below!  🙂


~ by jeezycreezy on October 11, 2010.

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