More Freezing Photoshoots, and a Few Eyes ;)

Hey guys!

Did another photoshoot, this time with my cousin Mariah and her friend Brooke.  We were given the theme of “insanity”, and my idea was to take a picture of one of them curled up in a ball, rocking back in forth (out of “insanity” ;)) inside of a snow fort.  What actually wound up happening was a little bit different.

Mariah suggested that they be in shorts and t-shirts, and since she was willing to do it, I thought it was a great idea!  I did, however, take a few safety precautions before we began.
First of all, I told them this shoot was going to be VERY fast–it was in the 20s, and I didn’t want them to be outside and unprotected in the cold for any longer than they had to be.  The entire shoot wound up being less than 10 minutes.
Secondly, I told them to come outside with warm clothing on, and the summer clothing on underneath the warm clothing, that way they were only exposed for as long as was needed.  Luckily, the snow fort was built in the backyard, so they didn’t have to travel very far.

I also did a bit of food trickery here–I wanted them to be holding “lemonade” and sitting in beach chairs, but we didn’t have any lemonade.  Having had previous experience with how milk looks when added to water (see the picture here: ), I took two glasses of water and added 1 drop of yellow food coloring, about 1 teaspoon of milk, a few ice cubes, and voila!  “Lemonade”!
Neither one of them actually drank it, thankfully, because Brooke said it smelled disgusting, haha.


Here’s the resulting image:


Mariah is on the left, Brooke on the right.


My cousin Alexa (or “Lexi”, who I’ve mentioned in previous posts) didn’t want to participate in the snow fort idea, but when we all went back inside, one of them suggested I do their makeup and take pictures, which I gladly did.
I had a white reflector underneath their faces, and bounced my flash off of it to achieve the lighting pictured here:

Brooke on the left, Lexi in the middle, Mariah on the right




The whole day was a blast.
Aside from the photoshoots that day, I took a few more random winter-themed shots as well.




And a wintery self portrait, for good measure  😉



C'est moi.




Hope you enjoy, and I would love to hear any comments you might have!

~ by jeezycreezy on January 20, 2011.

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