First Wedding Since Moving!

Just wanted to share my excitement–I officially got my first commissioned wedding since moving up to Connecticut!  It’s not for another few months (it’s in April), but I’m super excited!
The wedding is going to be at the Carousel Museum in Bristol, CT…probably going to be the coolest location for a wedding I’ve photographed yet!

This wedding is also going to be a little bit different for me because it will be the first one I’ve done since writing up a wedding photographer contract.  It wasn’t a thought that had crossed my mind before (which was stupid of me), but after hearing horror stories of photographers who didn’t have contracts getting sued for stupid things, I figured I should definitely make one up to cover my butt.  😉  I found a wedding photographer contract online and made my own based on it, rewording a bunch of things to fit my personal situation and such.  It looks really nice, I think!

I’m kind of a timid person when it comes to talking business stuff (I’m completely comfortable having a conversation about my life or your life, but when it comes down to talking about signing contracts for legal purposes, I get nervous), so I was really glad that the bride, so far, has been wonderful in terms of having no problem signing the contract and sending it to me….hopefully the wedding will go just as smoothly! *knock on wood*

If anyone else is a wedding photographer and would like a copy of the wedding photographer contract that I made, just send me an email (NEWLY ADDED–look on the right sidebar to see how!) asking me for it, and I’d be happy to pass it along.  🙂




~ by jeezycreezy on January 25, 2011.

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