Nifty Fifty!

Through Craigslist (one of my favorite websites now, haha), I purchased a Canon “Nifty Fifty” (a 50mm f/1.8 mark II) lens for $70.  It’s in near-mint condition (and the scratches that it has–one itty bitty one on the far edge of the lens and a few minor scratches on the body) don’t even affect the performance.  Considering the fact that these things normally go for $100-150 on ebay (used and new), I’m pretty pleased.

My portraits are gonna look so much better now 😀
Here are a few shots I’ve taken over the last week or so of using it (all of these were taken at Silver Sands beach in Milford, CT):


Shells 1

Shells on the Beach


Shells 2

More Shells on the Beach




Snow on the Beach

Snow on the Beach




Nifty Fifty Self Portrait

Nifty Fifty Self Portrait




If you’re interested in buying a Nifty Fifty (or if you’re just curious) and want to know more about how it operates, feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll let you know! 🙂



~ by jeezycreezy on March 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “Nifty Fifty!”

  1. I got mine recently too. I haven’t used it much yet though-roll on good weather!

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