Wedding Photos….

So.  After taking a short break (about 4-5 days, because of Easter and my boyfriend coming up from FL for a visit :)), I’ve been working diligently on the wedding photos….I’m probably about 60% done with them so far.  T___T
I hope to be at least 80% done by the end of today. *crosses fingers*

I have to say though, some of these pictures turned out simply AMAZING.  I’m not trying to sound full of myself–just wanting to say how completely astounded I am at how much of a difference having a portrait lens makes.  That nifty fifty is definitely one of the best photography-related purchases I’ve ever made.

I would show you a preview of the photos, but I believe that the bride and groom should be the first ones to see the wedding photographs, so there won’t be any posted until I send that flash drive to them, sorry.  :/

BUT STAY TUNED!  They’ll be up in the next two weeks.  😉



Accomplished my goal of 85%–only about an hour or so left of editing to go, but done for the day.  🙂

~ by jeezycreezy on April 26, 2011.

One Response to “Wedding Photos….”

  1. Looking forward to them!

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