“The Time Has Come,” the Walrus Said….

That’s right!  Carousel Museum wedding pictures are HERE!!

The bride finally got them in the mail and let me know, and I spent the last hour or so putting copyrights on my favorites so that I can share them with you  😀

All the pictures I’m uploading were taken with my new “Nifty Fifty” lens (Canon 50mm f/1.8), and I have to say, I don’t know if I can go back to my other lens….which is sad, because my other lens has zoom on it, and this one doesn’t. lol

Honestly though, I brought both of my lenses to the wedding, and only used my “kit” lens for maaaaaybe 5-10% of the photographs (which wound up only being the group shots, because it was easier to use the zoom than to bring the tripod back and forth for each different group of people, haha).  In all, I took around 1500 photographs–my personal record for “most photos taken at a single wedding”.  It was a TON of fun.  🙂

PLEASE give me some feedback–I love hearing what people think (and I can take CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, too ;)).

And if you’re wondering about the star-shaped sunglasses and the fake mustaches, they were all the bride’s idea.  She brought them out when there was about half an hour left of the reception.  😉

I showed you this one already, but I think it's still definitely my favorite from the day. Definitely showcases the bride's personality. 🙂

She really wasn't a Bridezilla at all--I just caught her at JUST the right moment for this shot, and she laughed when I showed it to her. 🙂

More of that personality shining through.

A little post-processing on this one to really give the photo a strong subject and theme.

The ring

Not posed at all--this was taken when I was setting up for the group shots. I just thought it was too cute (especially with the "ADMIRED" sign above them) 🙂

On one of the carousel horses.

This is a pose that was very characteristic of the bride--she would do this, and then shout her full (first and last) name. She and the bridal party requested this shot, and I was happy to oblige!

The groom had this in his pocket the whole time--he said that one of his old teachers drew this for him when she found out he was getting married. The little girl at the bottom of the photo is supposed to be her--as the flower girl, lol. The only thing is that the bride decided not to take his last name (Toller, as seen in the photo), so it's slightly incorrect, but adorable nonetheless.

This guy didn't play a big role in the wedding, but he was sitting at my table at the reception. Definitely a character. He didn't make that hat for the photo--he did it on his own, and I just happened to take a shot of it afterward.

Definitely posed, but the light coming in through this window was so nice, I had to take a picture. Another that was slightly processed (just took out the color around the bride) to add emphasis to the subject.

Not sure if you've noticed, but I always take the color out of the bright red "EXIT" signs. I feel that it's extremely distracting, but they're a little more difficult to completely edit out than I have the time for. So less color, less of a distraction, imo.

One of the bridesmaids (who is also one of the bride's sisters) did the DJing.

From what I was able to gather, this lovely couple is the bride's aunt and uncle.

Another one not posed, and also edited for emphasis.

This little boy was "break dancing" on the dance floor, and once the song ended, a few of the guests picked him up and did a makeshift version of having him crowd surf. They did the same with his brother, but I didn't get a decent shot of it.

Another slightly edited for emphasis on the subjects.

A couple of characters--these were two more guests that were at my table at the reception.

Another one of the bridesmaids.

I was SO happy that I got this shot--the groom's fake mustache fell off, and the bride was sticking it back on. I later showed the picture to the bride, and she said, "how did you get that shot?? That's like, the perfect moment!!" Comments like that make my day. 🙂

So, there they are!
I hope you enjoyed them–and remember!  Don’t forget to leave me comments and/or constructive criticism!  🙂


~ by jeezycreezy on May 12, 2011.

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