Canceling and Crying and Ranting and Raving and UNcanceling

Let me warn you before you start reading–this is going to be a post involving me venting about a situation with a possible (now never-ever-going-to-happen) client that just happened.
That way, if that’s not the sort of thing you want to read, or if you find it unprofessional, you can just look away now and be done with it.
I’m not going to name ANY names, that way if the parties involved read this, there’s no possible way they can say that I badmouthed them–that’s ME being professional. I’m not the kind of jerk who would bash individuals. I might vent, but I’m not one to blackmail or trash someone’s name.
That being said….

Still here?

A couple of weeks ago, I did the photography for a bridal shower. The couple was amazingly nice, and said that they’d most likely use me in the future and try to get me lots more work. At the end of the shower, the groom introduced me to his aunt, who said that her daughter was getting married in a few months. They already had a photographer for the wedding, but she asked if I would do the photography for the bridal shower, just like I had at this one. Of course, I happily obliged. I later discovered that I had to work (photography is something I only do every once in awhile, as I don’t have the resources to make it a full-time job) the day of the bridal shower, but I was working 4-9, and I was only needed at the bridal shower from 1-3, so everything worked out perfectly.

Then came today.

The bridal shower is tomorrow, so the woman called me today at around 12 to check and make sure that everything was all okay for tomorrow. I said yes, it was, and all was well. Then, at around 4:30, I was out running errands, using my grandmother’s car (long story short, I live with my grandmother and my father, and that is the only car that we have for the three of us), when the car decided that it was going to break on me. It won’t go faster than 20 mph, and if you try to go faster, the engine just revs (I’m praying to God right now that it’s not the transmission). I was able to get it home, but obviously it’s not very safe to use right now. My dad tried to fix it, but to no avail. It’s going to have to go in the shop.

I explored all other options, and realized that I had absolutely no way to get to the bridal shower, and I’m not supposed to call out of work unless I have a doctor’s note–I could lose my job (and remember here, this job is EXTREMELY important–it’s helping me save up for a car for myself, helping me keep my phone on–which is my main connection between me and clients and between me and my family, since I just moved up here from Florida–and if anything were to happen to my dad so that he couldn’t work, I’d have to help with a lot of bills). I’m able to catch a bus to work, but to be able to get to the bridal shower AND work without getting a ride from someone (which I’m not able to do–I’ve already checked with everyone) would be impossible with such a short window between the two.

So, reluctantly, I called the woman and told her that I had to cancel, and apologized profusely for doing so last minute (something I have literally never in my life done for any reason other than extreme illness). She proceeded to tell me how unprofessional I am, how I’m putting her in such a bad spot, how she’s going to tell the people who recommended me to her that they should never use me for anything ever again, and basically acting like it’s MY fault that the car died. I explained to her over and over again (whilst bawling my eyes out–I get very emotional in situations such as these) that if I had known a week ago that my car was going to die suddenly, I would have let her know, but it had died between the last time I had talked to her (12pm-ish) and now. She asked me if I could just cancel whatever I had going on the rest of the afternoon so that I could come to the bridal shower, and I explained to her why I couldn’t, and explained that photography wasn’t my main line of work (which she already knew beforehand–I had told her that when I first met her–but that made no difference to her).
She continued to tell me that I was extremely unprofessional, and said that she would tell everyone she knew not to use me, and the entire time I was telling her how sorry I was and how, if I had had any other option or way to get to this bridal shower, I wouldn’t have even called and canceled in the first place. Eventually, she said “I’ll have to think about what you said and call you back,” which made me cringe, knowing that I would have to hear from her again.

A short while later (a few minutes ago–actually while I was in the middle of typing this post), she called me back as she had said she would, and told me that she was able to find someone who could give me a ride to and from the bridal shower. Being the professional that I AM, I agreed to this, even though every ounce of my being is telling me not to go. After enduring all of that mental abuse, you might wonder why I even agreed to it….well, there are several reasons, really.

The first reason being–I really need the money. Especially if the car is going to cost a lot. I need the money.
Secondly, this bridal shower is not for this woman–it’s for her daughter. Her daughter whom I’ve never met, but who wasn’t the one who was a jerk to me. I don’t feel that I should be rude to her daughter and say “nope, not gonna do it” just because her mother was rude to me. That’s just not fair to her.
Thirdly, I want to prove her wrong and show her that I AM a professional and that I wasn’t lying about the car breaking down, and finally, because this job is only two hours long, and I didn’t agree to do any more work for this woman. And I won’t, after this. Ever. You can count on that.

And, in conclusion, I hate having to deal with people like her. ;_____;


~ by jeezycreezy on May 13, 2011.

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