Bridal Showers and Free Lensing!!

So, I’ve done two baby–ugh. I mean, BRIDAL showers. I included the typo because I’ve CONSTANTLY been calling them baby showers instead of bridal showers. I dunno why…my brain just wants to call them baby showers. haha


No, I’m not talking about the one I ranted in in my last post–these are different.
I may wind up posting a few photos from them…they were mostly pretty standard photos, but I did get a few really nice shots. I was only at each of them for two hours, so it was a little difficult to get some of the really good shots like I do at weddings (which I’m usually at for 8 hours…plus, during weddings, everyone’s trying really hard to look glamorous. Bridal showers, they usually don’t care as much, lol).
The photos have all already been edited and sent out to the clients, it’s just a matter of me uploading them online.

IN OTHER NEWS, a few days ago, I discovered the world of FREE LENSING! What is free lensing? It’s basically where you take the lens off of your DSLR, turn it around, manually focus it, and shoot pictures that way (with the lens not attached, just held in front of your camera). It creates an INSANE macro effect, especially on my Nifty Fifty!! I was able to get some amazing shots! It’s just a little difficult, because the only way you can really “focus” your shot is to move closer to or away from the subject (since the lens isn’t attached at all).
If you’re going to try it out though, I would highly recommend to use EXTREME CAUTION when doing so, because if you don’t, you can get some nasty dust inside the BODY of your camera (which, if bad enough, can cause you to have to get some expensive repairs).  The only time I’ve tried it out has been in the safety of my room.  I wouldn’t dare try it outside unless I was using a junk camera that I didn’t care a lot about (I would recommend you do the same<3).

I know I’ll DEFINITELY post photos of the results of that soon!
Just thought I’d keep you all updated! 🙂



~ by jeezycreezy on May 24, 2011.

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