Post 1 of 3 for Today

Hey guys!  I have the last of my backlogged photos all edited and ready to show you!….and then after that, I have some more recent photography I have yet to edit/post, including some biker photography and photos from my recent trip to the New Paltz, NY area.  /eyeroll.  A whole NEW batch of backlogged photos, haha.


Anyhow, I’m separating it into three different posts for two reasons–first of all, I don’t want to have one post with so many pictures that it’s going to kill the computers of those of you who have a slower internet connection.  Secondly, each selection of photos is in a completely different category, and all three are different shoots.  There are 21 pictures in all, so not too many, but at least this way it’ll make them a bit more organized.



Without further ado, here are the photographs taken of my cousin and her boyfriend before prom (and am I the only one that finds it weird that they go to prom as juniors [although my cousin is a sophomore–her boyfriend is a junior], and as seniors they don’t have prom, they just have “senior cotillion”? When I was in high school, we had homecoming for every grade every year, then we had junior prom and senior prom……).



~ by jeezycreezy on June 21, 2011.

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