More Backlogged Photos….

I really need to get my own computer (preferably with internet connection).  I’m backlogged on photos YET AGAIN.  It’s tough when I have to work strange schedules (especially when I get out at 9pm), because I can’t just walk over to my aunt’s house whenever I want to–it’s their house, not mine, after all.



Currently in the works, I have photos from when I visited my friend Sabrina in/around New Paltz, NY (she wasn’t really sure which town she was classified as living in, but New Paltz is pretty close, haha), a photoshoot I did with my cousin and her friend in a skate park late at night, a photoshoot (with two of my cousins and their friend–same people as the other shoot, but with another one of my cousins) with water being dumped on them (that one was super fun, haha), a bunch of Fourth of July photos, some experimental shots (bokeh, macro, slow shutter speed, and more!), a bridal shoot of my cousin (who’s 16 and not really a bride, but I wanted some practice shots, haha), and some other miscellaneous shots.


In all, it’s about 800 backlogged photos that I’m trying to edit right now….not sure how long it’s going to take me, but expect to see some new material within the next few weeks! 😀


Wish me luck in editing! haha




~ by jeezycreezy on July 7, 2011.

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