I Have a Store!!

I have a store!!


That’s right–I have a prints store now!
At the moment, I only have prints (and other items :)) available for “Tittie Tat” (which is a picture of my old cat, Rio, against a blue background; I posted that photo as one of my first blog entries here at WordPress), but I will post more items upon request/demand.

In other words, if someone requests a print of a certain picture, or if some/all of the “Tittie Tat” products sell, I’ll put different products (featuring different photographs) up for sale.  To view (or purchase from) my store, click here:  http://renaeduhaimephotography.bigcartel.com 


The more products I sell, the better equipment I can get, and the closer I can get to my goal of owning my own studio and having my own photography business!! 😀
Feel free to spread the word (please)! 🙂










~ by jeezycreezy on August 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “I Have a Store!!”

  1. Oh so cute! Let me know when you get into mouse pads

    • I have a mouse pad up there, haha. It’s one of Rio 🙂
      It’s titled “Tittie Tat 9.125×8.25 Mousepad” (of course, if there’s a different photo you would like me to make into a mousepad, just let me know, and I can do it :))

  2. Well done! Hopefully I’ll be at that stage soon 🙂

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