So Apparently, I Have a Tumblr….

Hey guys!

So, still no laptop, but just a quick update–I have a Tumblr!  haha
I knew I had one, but hadn’t used it since about 2009 (when I created it), so now I’m probably gonna start using it again, since I stopped using my Twitter (since it limits you so much, it’s kind of irritating to use).


If you would like to follow me, here is my URL:



(“RenDuH” was already taken as a URL ;____;)



Anyhow, hope you all are doing well–I’m about halfway to having the money to pay for a laptop!! 😀





Oh also, are all you New Englanders ready for the hurricane coming?  Being from Florida, I’m used to it, but it’s fun to watch people freaking out about it :3


~ by jeezycreezy on August 26, 2011.

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