La de da…

Hey guys!  Just another brief update.

Laptop’s still looking like it’s gonna happen in about two weeks, just as long as things work themselves out.  What I mean by that is my work paycheck.  I was supposed to get it on Friday, and it still hasn’t come (it’s “supposed” to come today…we’ll see).  I’m actually headed out to the bank to sign up for direct deposit, so this shouldn’t happen again.  Even then though, I was told direct deposit takes about a month to go through.  Hooray.

So yeah, right now I have less than $2 in my bank account, and I’m super pissed.

My life has been a bit hectic recently, but on a more personal level, which is stuff you guys don’t really need to know about–just know that it’s been like a soap opera, haha.

I hope you all are doing well  🙂



~ by jeezycreezy on September 6, 2011.

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