Photos from Florida!

Hey guys!

Again, sorry about the mini-hiatus.  Things have been absolutely insane since I got back from Florida.  Between working my butt off, fearing that my laptop might be dead (it’s not, as previously mentioned <3), trying to network with new models, and having someone in Norwalk siphon gas from my truck last night (yes, that actually happened, to my dismay), it’s been tough to find time to get on here and update.  Today is the first day in awhile that I’ve had the whole day off and not had anything planned (and even then, I had to do a few errands before I was able to sit down and do all of this, haha).

One thing I HAVE been doing lately is updating on Twitter.  For the past few days, I’ve been doing it pretty regularly, and have discovered the beauty of hashtags (through them, I’ve gained at least 5 new followers!).  If any of you had added me on Twitter a few months ago, I’m not too sure how everything works, but I have since updated my screenname.  It is now @RenaeDuHaime
Follow me for updates on my photography, random photography quotes, and links to some of my favorite (and most useful) photography websites.  🙂




I’m also going to be posting some photos from Florida in a bit here–didn’t get too many other than a photoshoot that I did with Ashley Holloway (the photographer who I mentioned in a previous post who did a shoot of me :)), which was amazing.  I was only in FL for 4 days, and managed to see 8 of my friends in those 4 days.  So there wasn’t too much time for photography amidst all the catching up and reminiscing.
The photos should be up shortly–I have a few more things to update, need to actually finish uploading the photos to their respective sites, and then I’ll be putting the images up here.

Stay tuned!



~ by jeezycreezy on December 1, 2011.

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