New Year, New Backdrops….

Hey guys!
So, the other day in the mail, I got two Diamond Cloth backdrops from!  I ordered one black and one white during their Cyber Monday sale, and got them both (shipped) for $60!  Considering they’re normally $69 a piece before shipping and tax, I was pretty happy with that…didn’t even mind that they were backordered.  haha


I haven’t had much time to use them yet (as previously mentioned, the holidays have been insanely busy for me), but so far what I CAN say is that I’m unhappy about one thing–they’re advertised as “wrinkle-free”, and yet I can’t seem to keep wrinkles OUT of them!  Out of the box, they were wrinkly. No big deal, I thought–I’ll just iron them and that’ll be that, they’ll be fine… such luck.  Spent half an hour ironing them (they’re 5 feet by 9 feet each), let them cool before folding “gently,” as the care instructions suggest, and 10 minutes later they were wrinkly again.  Definitely not happy about that.


I did take a few test shots though, and they photograph extremely well–I’ll absolutely be using them a lot in the future.
Might just have to find another way to store them so that they don’t accrue wrinkles though….any ideas?  And has anybody ever purchased a Diamond Cloth backdrop before…?






~ by jeezycreezy on December 29, 2011.

2 Responses to “New Year, New Backdrops….”

  1. We can go to Home Depot and get a 5 foot wood dowel and roll them up in it. Almost like a roll of wrapping paper.

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