Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

Today, I photographed $190,500 worth of jewelry.  O__O

My boyfriend’s father owns a jewelry store (John Fulton Diamond Jewelers in Bethel, CT), and I offered to take some photos for his website and Facebook page (pro bono, of course).  I’m still sitting in the shop here, having just spent the last 6 hours shooting.  About to begin the editing process, which will probably take the next few days or so in my free time.  I wound up shooting some pretty high end stuff–a few Tiffany pieces, a Rolex, and some custom made jewelry.  One diamond necklace I shot was worth $40,000 alone!  It was a little intimidating, but definitely an amazing experience.

Whilst sitting here, my boyfriend also came in and handed me a bracelet (one of the ones that I shot today–it’s a 1.5″ wide stainless steel band with a design on it, called “Tattooed Steel”) and said that his father was giving it to me as payment!  😀

Anyhow though, just wanted to share with you a photo I took (on my cell phone, since the only actual camera I had was in use…as seen in the photo) depicting my setup for the day:

Photos will be up soon!  🙂


~ by jeezycreezy on January 4, 2012.

One Response to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s?”

  1. Your day certainly wouldn’t give me the mean reds!

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