Hey guys!

Just a bit of an update–haven’t been up to much lately. I have a few photography prospects at the moment, and a couple of other photography-related projects in the works, but nothing I can really discuss just yet. Just know that I’m busy. 😉

I’ll probably upload a few photos that I’ve taken recently, but nothing too special. Just from my average day-to-day life adventures.
In other news, the boyfriend, a few friends, and I will be going to PAX East (Penny Arcade Expo East) in Boston in April (the Friday and Saturday before Easter, and I’ll be back in Milford for Easter Sunday), and I’m super excited!! Definitely going to get tons of amazing photographs, and if anyone else is going, feel free to let me know, and maybe we can meet up. 🙂


In OTHER other news, I’m really wanting to get a tablet. I was going to try and get an iPad 2 with my income tax money, but lo and behold, instead of witholding 10% of my income last year for taxes, my job witheld a whopping $5, and now I owe the government money instead of them giving me a dime. /sigh
So now I’m looking at saving up towards eithe the Nook tablet or the Kindle Fire…..if anyone has any info they can give me on either one of these tablets, feel free to let me know!
That’s all for now, more coming soon!




~ by jeezycreezy on February 7, 2012.

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