Greg’s Birthday

This past Friday (March 2nd) was my boyfriend (Greg)’s birthday.  To celebrate, I took him to see one of our favorite bands, Less Than Jake.  The show was on February 21st (had to take him to this one, as it was the last show in our area for their 2012 tour), and then a few days before his birthday, I went to the beach and took some photos for him.  This post will contain all of the photos related to his birthday.  🙂


As promised, here are the photos I took at the Less Than Jake show (please excuse the quality–I don’t take my good camera to crowded shows like this)




The last one is (obviously) the boy on stage with Chris (lead singer) of Less Than Jake!  It was pretty awesome.


And this was from the beach walk I took (gave this to him on his actual birthday).  I put this all together, printed it out, and wrote my name underneath the “XOXO”.  🙂





That’s all for now–more coming soon, of course!




~ by jeezycreezy on March 7, 2012.

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