I was Dead, Now I’m Alive…I’m a Zombie??

Hey guys!

So, last week, on March 27th (which just so happens to be my birthday), I got really sick.  Fever, cold chills, headache, dizziness, sore throat, stuffy nose…the works (I didn’t even get to eat cake on my birthday–all I did was sleep, heh).  I was like that for about 4 days before I finally went to a walk-in clinic (I was reluctant to go because I don’t have health insurance), where they told me I had the flu, which turned into tonsillitis.  Thankfully, they put me on antibiotics and I’m feeling quite a bit better now (just feels like I have a mild head cold and I’m pretty weak), but that’s where I’ve been for the last week or so.


Unfortunately, being sick that week also made me lose a decent amount of money.  Missing work and having to pay for a walk-in clinic (they said they’d “bill me later”…..never a good sign) and antibiotics was one thing, but I was also supposed to photograph a baby shower on Saturday (luckily the guy was very understanding when I told him I had to cancel–he didn’t want his wife to get sick, and neither did I).  He had also been talking of making me his family’s official photographer if things went well, so I lost that opportunity.  :/   Very disappointed about that, but there was really nothing I could do about it….



In other news though, PAX East is coming up QUICK!!  The bf and I leave Thursday night.  I’ll be there Friday and Saturday, he’ll be there all weekend (I’m coming back Sunday because there’s an amazing Easter egg hunt here every year….there’s even a trophy!).  I’m hoping to get some awesome photos from PAX, but I don’t know how much I’ll be shooting considering the fact that I’m going to be in costume. c( :
If anyone is going though, maybe I’ll see you there!





~ by jeezycreezy on April 3, 2012.

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