How Should I Celebrate? and Other Updates…

First of all, WordPress says “draft saved at 11:11:11 am” right now, and I think that’s absolutely amazing.  I’m awesome.
IN OTHER NEWS (haha), I just got my 20th blog subscriber!  Hooray! 😀

How should I celebrate?
Should I hold a contest?
COMMENT BELOW and let me know!

As for what’s going on at the moment, this past weekend I attended PAX East (it’s a gaming convention–for more info, click here: ), and there will be some absolutely AMAZING photos to come!  I’m actually editing them now, but they probably won’t be up for another couple of days–I’m leaving for work in about 15 minutes and won’t have the time to finish them.

I’m also thinking about doing some sort of charity fundraiser.  Probably a webcast, but I’m not sure what I would do on said webcast.  I’m also not sure which charity I would want to do this for, either.  Definitely a photography-related charity, like Flashes of Hope.  My rough idea was to do a webcast where people can donate money to have me photograph different themes, but I don’t think that would translate well via webcast.  I definitely want to do it internet-based, as I don’t have ANY sort of budget, but I do have my camera and a webcam.  If anyone has ANY ideas to contribute to this project, please leave me a comment or email me (see the link at the right of this page, under “email me!”), as I would love to get this project going as soon as possible!!


That’s about it for now, so stay tuned for PAX photos!


~ by jeezycreezy on April 11, 2012.

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