Group? and PAX East Photos!!

PHOTOGRAPHERS in CT (or people interested in photography), if I started one up, would you be interested in joining a photography-related group geared towards photographers who have jobs where they aren’t available on weekends? In other words, the meet ups would normally be on week days instead of solely on weekends. Yes, there would be a few weekend meet ups, but I got this idea because I do work on weekends, usually EVERY weekend. Therefore, I’ve been a member of three different photography-related groups for the last YEAR, but have still not been able to go to a SINGLE meet up because they’re all on weekends.




In other news, I’ve finished editing the photos from when I went to PAX East (for more information on what this is, visit ) this past weekend.  It was an absolute BLAST, and I can’t wait to go again next year!  And if you’re wondering, yes, I cosplayed.  I went dressed as Chell from Portal 2 (yes, I’m a nerd, and yes, I love being a nerd :)).


That being said, here are my nerdy photos (with captions for those of you who aren’t sure what the hell is going on in the photos, haha):






….PLEASE leave me comments!  I apparently have 20 subscribers (and growing), but only two or three of you have ever left me comments.  Sometimes I feel like I’m writing a diary that nobody but me reads instead of a blog that’s online for everyone to see.

Anyhow. That’s all for today!







~ by jeezycreezy on April 17, 2012.

One Response to “ Group? and PAX East Photos!!”

  1. Pax East = Good times!

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