May Synopsis…

As you might have guessed by previous posts, the month of May was absolutely insane for me.  Every weekend (at least one weekend day, at least) I was photographing the Connecticut Renaissance Faire‘s Robinhood Sprintime Festival.  It was the most AMAZING experience.  I made a ton of new friends (who are some of the most talented people I’ve ever met), networked a TON, and overall just had a blast.

On the days that I wasn’t working (at the sub shop, which is my “day job”) or at CTRF, I was face painting.  I’ve been getting so many gigs and it’s been great.  On top of all of this, my brother, my best friend, and my father all celebrate their birthdays in May….oh, and let’s not forget Mother’s Day.  Haha

In the next few months coming, I’m going to be attending Connecticon, I have at least 4 more face painting gigs booked, but not too many photography opportunities.  Although, that might change, considering I have an entirely new network in which to make that happen.  Photographing the CTRF was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, to be honest (probably second only to my decision to move to Connecticut).

Photos from the Faire will be up here within the next month or two.  Time frame is so long due to the fact that I have at least 5,000 (not exaggerating) photos to sort through, edit, and upload to the CTRF Photography Facebook page first–oh, and if you’re wondering, I am now one of four administrators on that page!  If you want to see the photos I’ve taken before I post them here (and many more there than there are here), click on the link above, or click here:  CTRF Photographers




That’s about it for now.
Wish me luck with editing, hah!




~ by jeezycreezy on June 5, 2012.

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