Hectic, CALENDAR!!, and CTRF Biography

I feel like I start many of my blog posts this way nowadays, but I’ve been super busy lately, haha.  Got a promotion at my “day job” (I am now the Catering Coordinator), so that’s been a month and a half of training, plus the work that goes with the title.

Did a couple of shoots, but not much lately.  Been working with the amazing Kitter LaGore a lot, so that’s been great!

In other news though, one of my photographs is in the 2013 I Can Has Cheezburger calendar!!  I was ecstatic to find this out a few months ago, and finally got a copy of the calendar in the mail about a month ago.
The photo was one I had taken of a pumpkin I carved around Halloween 2008, so the photo is for October.  Mine is the only photo in the entire calendar that didn’t have a caption plastered over it, so I’m pretty proud of that.  🙂
The calendar also gives me full photo credit and includes the web address to this blog!

Here’s a photo I took of the calendar after receiving it in the mail (mine is the one on the top left)

In other news, the Connecticut Renaissance Faire is having their fall faire soon, and I plan on being a part of it again.  It was a blast working with everyone in the spring, and I’ve heard the fall faire is even better.  🙂  I’ll be a bit limited due to the fact that it’s further away from me than the spring faire was, but I’m going to try my best to be there and photograph it.

Speaking of CTRF, if you would like to read my bio from them, it (in all of its ridiculous glory) can be found here:


That’s all for now–more updates once I get another spare minute! haha


~ by jeezycreezy on September 13, 2012.

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