Kitter LaGore Zombie DOA Photoshoot

So, I have mixed feelings about this shoot, and I have a confession to make.


I made a HUGE mistake when taking these photos….and a rookie mistake at that.  I shot them all in too small a resolution.  I didn’t realize that I had changed the settings on my camera before this shoot, so everything was shot in 2816 x 1880 pixels.  Seems big, unless you’re trying to submit them to a magazine for publication.  Which we were.  And, of course, got turned down solely due to the fact that I could not provide the “high res” versions of the files (because these were as “high res” as they got; the mag had already said yes to the photos up until that point….).  Why am I telling you all of this?  So that you can learn from my mistake.  I already have–every photoshoot I’ve done since then, I’ve made sure to check the resolution  in my camera before shooting.  I just still can’t believe that it happened.


Oh well.  Lesson learned, opportunity missed.  I can either regret it my whole life, or go on knowing that I will never make that mistake again because I learned from experience.



Despite the fact that I made such a huge faux pas (and you’d think after 5 years of shooting, I would know better by now!!), I am still completely in love with the images that came from this shoot, and I would like to share them with you.

Here goes.









More photos coming soon!
Here’s a little hint – the next one involves a puppy! 🙂



~ by jeezycreezy on September 26, 2012.

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