Commenting Rules

As this blog is open the general public (and commenting on it is as well), I felt that I should write up a short list of commenting rules to keep everyone happy (including me, haha).

Commenting Rules

(please follow them! :))

1. Please be courteous both to me and to one another. I cannot stress this enough–if you are rude, mean, or directly or indirectly threaten the physical or mental well being of a member of this community, you will be automatically blacklisted. I don’t have a “three strikes” policy, but I do have a “zero tolerance” policy. I’m a nice person, and if you want to contribute comments to my blog–my own personal little space on the interwebs–you need to be, too. Just be nice, dammit. It’s not that hard.

——>As a sidenote to this, constructive criticism is criticism that helps the person become better at what they’re doing. In other words, you tell them what you don’t like (in a polite manner), but tell them why, and give them advice on how to fix it. Constructive criticism does not involve insulting someone’s work or telling them why you don’t like their work without citing a reason.

2. Your first comment will be moderated before being automatically posted. After your first comment is approved, all comments after that will be posted automatically. The only way they would be removed once posted would be if they should violate any of the other rules on this list. 😉

3. NO SPAMMING! If you want to post a link to your website, or a photo, or something else, that’s fine, but ONLY if it applies to the current post or discussion. If you post advertisement randomly (the comment has nothing to do with what is being discussed), excessively (your comment is 99% advertisement and only 1% relevant to the discussion–as in “awesome! My blog can be found at *insert url here* and here’s a photo *insert photo here*”), and/or repeatedly (the same comment over and over again, even if modified slightly each time), your comment(s) will be deleted and I will most likely consider blacklisting you if it doesn’t stop.

And that’s basically it. If you can follow these simple rules, everything will be just peachy. Or apple-y if peaches aren’t your thing.


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